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Please see below for items and documents required prior to admission
  • List of current meds with Doctor’s signature (or E sign)
  • Medication options
  • Scripts sent to our pharmacy 24 hours prior to intake (Meds must be delivered prior to admission)
  • Member to arrive with a minimum of 14 day supply of medicalormental health medication
  • Recent TB Test
  • Facesheet
  • History and Physical (H&P)
  • SS#
  • The Providers signature is required on Admission Orders
  • Name of Psych Provider and date for 7 day BHMP appointment
  • Recent TB Test
  • Insurance Card
  • Diagnosis/Codes
  • Guardianship point of contact (If applicable)
  • COT (If Applicable)
  • Does the Member have a Payee (provide contact info)
  • Will the member arrive with at least 7 days of clothing and personal care items
    • These items are required
  • Outpatient Case Manager to provide Current Treatment Plan Annual Assessment
  • Signatures on all admissions documents
  • Identification (if they have one)
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